Used Cases

Realtime Data display and analysis by management
Andriod /IOs Application for remote monitoring

Remote Quality Control System

Customer Profile :

Our esteemed client is one of the Automotive component manufacturer having production near Pune (India) & Satara (India) wanted to analyze and rationalize production.

The Challenge:
As a part of their Continuous Improvement Policy, the customer primarily wanted to make use of IoT for maximizing operational efficiencies, productivity and capacity utilization. But there were several challenges:
  • The customer had multiple machine centers with diverse set of schedules. Therefore, the customer basically needed a system which will connect these set of machines to a single platform and make use of under-utilized data.
  • The amount of data & data types were so vast, that the platform needed to be highly scalable and flexible.
The Solution:

Sanmin Technology Pvt Ltd determined the customer’s requirements and implemented WebEyeIoT, a scalable cloud based industrial IoT platform. The data was uploaded securely and seamlessly from the heterogeneous mix of assets and hardware (PLC, Sensors, CNC controllers, Relays, HMIs etc.) across different locations to secure cloud. WebEyeIoT would then enables the analysis of this data in real-time using a web-application. Within a few days of deployment, machines and systems began streaming real-time data to WebEyeIoT centralized platform and the output of these provided insight into Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). As minimal change in management was required & there was no interference in existing work process of operators the system got acceptance. Further WebEye IoT provided a flexible pricing model which means that the customer only paid for machines connected. This offered a lot of flexibility with no significant upfront investment required for the platform.


Following are the Machine Utilization reports generated by using WebEyeIoT web application.

Report I :

This shows the observed values immediately after installation of WebEye IoT monitoring device.

Report II :

This shows the observations after about 20 days from the installation of WebEye IoT monitoring device
As it is evident in the graphical representation above the operating efficiency of the machine has increased gradually by about 8-10 percent. This shows WebEyeIoT has been highly instrumental in streamlining the schedules thus the operating efficiency. Apart from this, for the old machines which could not be monitored for utilization and downtime calculations, the addition of WebEyeIoT was instrumental in enabling the supervisors to monitor the machines with minimal addition of hardware.